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User Filter for Google Search Results

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I'd like to browse a non-corporate web, for websites where all content is delivered by a single domain.
Perhaps this could be coded as a Greasemonkey or Tampermonkey user script?  It would filter Google search results, to only web pages that use only one domain for their content.  I guess this would take recursive bot-based browsing of all search results, until the desired number of results would be listed.

If I understand correctly you want a Google search to return only those results for sites that do not pull content from any other domain and that aren't connected to big business.

Aside from the almost impossibly hard chore of trawling every result returned for sites that don't reference other sites, (not to mention what does and does not constitute a "corporate" website), it would most likely break 99% of websites since so many of them rely on, for example: JavaScript libraries stored on CDNs, Google, etc; Google Analytics, etc.

How do you determine what benign content should be left without having to manually load each site to see if it works?

I think the closest you're going to get is to load the uMatrix extension to stop cross-site requests, (be prepared to click a lot to get a site to have minimal functionality), and try a different search engine where you can remove results based on certain criteria, eg. MillionShort.

There's also the Google Hit Hider userscript so you can remove Google, (and other recognised engines), search results from whole domains.

I figure corporate sites are going to draw from multiple domains.  That is all.  I don't expect an algorithm to know what a corporate website is.

As for breaking websites, it won't break the websites that rely on only one domain, which is what I want to explore.

Umatrix and millionshort are not doing anything related to the task.

I figure non-corporate sites are not going to draw from a single domain.


As for breaking websites, it won't break the websites that rely on only one domain, which is what I want to explore.-mraeryceos (September 02, 2020, 10:35 AM)
--- End quote ---

This is confusing, your first sentence implies corporate websites will draw content from their own domain.

Your second paragraph states you want to explore websites that only rely on one domain, ie. corporate websites according to your first sentence.

An interesting example, (or not), my own website does nothing but display text and scanned images of a family history nature but it references JavaScript library routines to display the images. Considering 99.9% of the content is hosted on the one domain I guess that makes it a corporate website.

I accept that your site will be a casualty.  I am looking for sites that only use one domain.  Sorry if this is confusing to you.


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