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Wanted a software collection software


I have lots of software's , that are spanning in different level of folders. It is now difficult to manage Names, Versions, exe|msi or zip. Searched in web to managing software's, but nothing get exactly what I needs.
The collection of software's are in a root folder.
It must be need a scan at first to categorized.
Then it shall be move, rename, delete by manually or other common file operations.
Ability to add sub category.
Ability to add supporting file and descriptions.

Use TotalCommander (or similar) and do whatever you want to do does not work? (press F7 = create sub-folder, press F4 = move files)

if you need a personalized filemanager tool, you might look at my FileShell project and send feedback.

there was actually a tool for this like 15 years ago, and I had it.  I forgot what it was called.  But it used a funky backend of access or something like that.  It was cool.

I just remembered....SoftCat!

I had this one but it is discontinued.  LOL, can't say it was super helpful but it was cool.
Another way to do this is with those uninstallers like Revo Uninstaller.  They list your software, so what else do you need?  Check them out.

For a small, very fast and free file/disk cataloguing tool, it's hard to beat Cathy.  It doesn't do version numbers if you mean according to Windows Properties, but obviously shows them if they're part of the file name.

There were lots of such tools back in the DOS days, when files were offloaded onto floppy disks.  I used to use CatDisk (shareware).  That site seems to be down. You can download the last version, dated 2003, from various web sites. It may no longer be possible to register it. WinCatalog seems popular and fairly up to date.  It's payware, but seems to be on permanent 20% discount, either via its home page, or via Bits du Jour WinCatalog deal.


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