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😎 Learning Centre 😎


The way to Learn is to Try Try Try

Put your Requests up please, and we can all work through them, and Learn !
People seem either Reluctant, or too Lazy to solve any URL issues

What better place to learn, where the Software writers are just a post away?
Some of the hardest sites to crack, are possible, with some basic knowledge.

Go for it, but as Nike says
Do it!!

You might write "what" we could train in here? (i know the "what" part, others might skip this post due insufficient input from you)
URL issues aint the real content :-P

Hi KodeZwerg

Any Requests or Queries.
Im not going to train, as I can see people only post when they want something and you dont hear from them again.
It's about learning

People need to lead and suggest !!


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