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Conflicting with resident IP


Ran the portable version but error returned packet.dll missing and wpcap missing. I already had wireshark running with all necessary drivers running I guess. Nonetheless uninstalled WS and installed win version of Url Sniffer. But my internet speed started throttling and eventually refused to connect through my ethernet. I realized my ethernet 2 IPv4 settings had changed which probably contributed to it.

Can anybody help with what need to do so I can continue using ethernet with AND without url snooper running?

P.S. I uninstalled Url snooper and internet is connecting fine again. Id prefer running the portable version without the packet.dll error bugging me if possible.

Cianide - What link did you try?

Cianide - What link did you try?
-ritchievalens (August 28, 2020, 02:44 PM)
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