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Radial Menu v4

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I have begin to try this program. Obviously a good one. The worst part as usual is the user : that's me !.
I need some help.
I am trying the htm help included in the program, but don't understand.

My main PROBLEM is with this :

Default hotkeys:

·         Rbutton (right mouse button):

-          Drag down and hold to show radial menu, release it to select item.

-          Drag in other directions to execute mouse gestures. Drag up shows Navigator.

·         Lbutton (left mouse button): shows/hides submenus

What is the meaning of : "Drag down and hold" . I can see the menu.
I can access the radial menu designer from the icon in the windows tray.


When I right click on a free part in the desktop I obtain this screenshot menu : Radial Menu v4

hi Contro,
why not ask at the link you supply?

Thanks tomos. I am trying too with learning one

Boris Mudrinic

Must be me in a silly thing. Because I don't know how to launch.

It's a portable application. have you tried ?
 :-* :P

What is the meaning of : "Drag down and hold" . -Contro (August 26, 2020, 01:46 PM)
--- End quote ---

launch application, right click notify icon, select "radial menu designer"
the new window that opened, there you have those balls.
left click one yellow ball and hold left mouse button, move mouse to a gray ball while still hold left mouse button
when you reached your destination, lift your finger from left mouse button.

now you have dragged and dropped a ball.

does that answer your question?


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