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N.A.N.Y. 2021: RaptureReplica by KodeZwerg

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I am sorry for my long time being absent  :o
In Post #1 I have uploaded an updated version to hopeful support multi monitor without any strange behaviors.
If someone can confirm it; It would make me happy.

Is there really updated new version? It looks like the old one...

Is there really updated new version? It looks like the old one...
-idenikus (November 05, 2022, 09:12 AM)
--- End quote ---
Yes, it was intended to fix two errors at once, one error was that on multi monitor the "grabbing rectangle" was drawn incorrect and another was that from multi monitor wrong parts was snapped.
I can not test for myself but was focusing those mistakes.
So all i hope is that those things are fixed now   :-[

Ugh...  Chrome and Norton are being jerks.  I just wrote a reply to this thread and the stupid virus warning screen made me lose the entire message.  Anyway...   I wanted to say thanks for the update KodeZwerg!  It seems to work perfectly!  My setup is that my main laptop monitor is set at 125% and my external monitor is 100%.  I did multiple selections with RaptureReplica, dragging diagonally in all four directions.  I did this on both monitors and it worked perfectly.  I even did a selection across both monitors and it worked. 

If anyone reads this, and they aren't able to download the RaptureReplica zip file with Chrome (like I wasn't), I recommend just using FireFox (which I did). 

Thanks again KZ!  I've been using RR consistently since you first posted it! 

I am so glad that it finally works for multi monitor, even different scaled  :Thmbsup:
What else needs a fix, i visit now more often back to read an update if needed anything else  :-* (I guess multi monitor was the biggest bug, so happy that its gone, you cant imagine  8) )
And again, sorry that it needed that long for me  :-[


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