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Ventoy - The Last Bootable USB Software You'll Need?

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I just discovered Ventoy, which is free, open source (GPL 3.0) software you install on a USB drive to make it bootable. What makes it special is that it also acts like a normal USB storage drive, and you can just copy any multitude of ISOs onto it. When you boot it up it shows a menu where you can choose which ISO to finish booting into. It's like a bootloader for ISOs.

In other words, you can place your bootable Linux ISOs, Windows installation ISOs, etc., all on a single USB drive (assuming it has space for all of them) with no need to reformat or reflash the drive each time you want to change or update ISOs!

Here's a video showing it off:

Main website:
Github repo:

 :Thmbsup: Nice find, will have to try this out!

Thanks!  :Thmbsup:

Neat software! They have a list of tested ISOs here . The website also details how ISO creators can ensure compatibility. Though I'd hope support for something like what Ventoy does becomes standardized and not tied to this specific tool.

+1 here - or +5, even!  For ages I tried different kinds of bootable usb software and always leaned toward multi-boots.  When I found Ventoy, I stopped looking.  No, I am not advertising - I am just another user, here.

* Put as many bootable ISO files that you like on your flash drive.
* You don't need to organize them - put them whereever you want - Ventoy will find them all and build the boot menu from them.
* When you want to update them, simply replace the ISO file - there is nothing to configure with Ventoy.
* You can boot Linux Mint, and Windows, too.
When you install Ventoy on your flash drive, it creates a hidden partition for Ventoy, and that's the part that actually gets booted when you boot from the flash drive - it's the part that creates the boot menu. 

And when you update Ventoy, you don't need to worry about doing anything with the ISO files.

This is an awesome program.


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