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NANY 2021 Entry - Cahoots Tabletop Simulator Mod


My second entry for 2021 is a bit unusual, it's a Tabletop Simulator workshop mod to help you play the one of my favorite cooperative card game fillers "Cahoots".

NANY 2021 Entry - Cahoots Tabletop Simulator Mod
NANY 2021 Entry - Cahoots Tabletop Simulator Mod

Download and play here:



* You need to own Tabletop Simulator, which is not free; then you just subscribe to workshop items to add them to your copy.
* Tabletop Simulator is essentially just a 3d world environment for playing games with other people -- you need friends who also install this to play along with you -- you can't play by yourself, or with multiple people sitting in front of the same computer.
* If you like the game, buy a copy of the real physical game -- it's better!

I'm going to get TTS at the end of the month so I can check this out!

ps. You can watch me and my friend Gregg explain how to play, then play and then review, Cahoots, here:


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