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Is Cybersex Cheating?

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Good point, App. As for the definition of cybersex, it clearly involves describing a sexual experience through words (maybe an exchange of pictures or other media) and perhaps a healthy dose of roleplay. I've done it, and it can be very exciting, even more than the real thing — it's the tease that kills you — but personally it's a lot of work when you're chatting with someone 6, 8, 11 hours a day (just kidding). My idea instead is to rely on what turns me on without personal/virtual interaction with another real person. Which reminds me: Is my holodeck ready yet? I have some scripts ready to go with Scarlett Johannson's name all over them.

Save the real sex for the spouse or partner or consenting alien holding a glowing probe. Meanwhile, models like Milena Velba, Nadine Jansen, tons of erotic art sites, Ann-Angel, etc. provide far more eye candy for fantasy than cybersex. And don't overlook erotic stories either. Again, as a result, I'm having fun, not hurting anyone, and all the while enjoying the view! Like it or not, porn has always been on the cutting edge of tech, and I hope it stays there until I'm worm food.


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