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Programming software for schools

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Our computer teacher is wanting his students to learn a programming language.  We need to know a good,easy, and preferably free software.  They may want to try their hand at creating 3D printer files, I'm not sure how hard that would be.

We would run this on Windows 10.

Any recommendations?  This would be primarily for high school age students, grades 9-12.


OH yeah, we would need to have some kind of good tutorials for it also.

I'd suggest Python.  If you do a search, you can find a lot of resources for it- I haven't done anything with kids in a bit, which is why I won't make any specific recommendations.  But I know that when I did (for my daughter and son), it was an easy language to pick up, and there's a lot out there that's free.  It also has the bonus that it is very much the lingua franca in the programming world these days.

I'd like to recommend Rexx, but back in my day "tutorials" were called "language reference manuals", and I am not sure that has changed much for Rexx.  :D

Microsoft xCode offers a wide range of possibilities for many languages. Free edition available.
All driven by plugin technology.

My all-the-time favourite will be Delphi. There exists a free Community Edition.
For Delphi you have many free GitHub (or similar) sources. offers a good starting point if you hang somehow, equal of language.


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