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Folder name ss2020.08_Aug in Template?


Apologies if this has been asked before, I did try and search but may have missed it.

Can I set my base folder as : D:\D_Documents\Screenshots\

Then have all screenshots automatically go into a Year and Month subfolder?


So the full file and path would be:

--- ---D:\D_Documents\Screenshots\ss.2020\ss2020.08_Aug\ss.20200801_080324.jpg

The base folder for file saving can be set at the 'Saving and Loading files' page.
I think you can set the 'Auto Move Older Screenshots' option ('Saving and Loading files' page) in a pattern like yours, but the files would only be moved there after (at least) 1 day. The pattern would be something like:

--- ---ss.%Y\ss%Y.%m_%bI'm not sure if the \ could be part of that directory name, didn't try that, as I don't want to mess up my own archive.

On the 'File Naming' page you'd change the 'Default New File Name' to:

--- ---ss.%customdate%and the 'Custom Date Format' to:

--- ---%Y%m%d_%H%M%S
And you really should change the 'Default Image File Format' to PNG (on the 'Image File Format' page), as that's way better suited for screenshots than JPG, as .png file compression is lossless while .jpg looses quality during the save. While that usually doesn't really matter for photos, it does matter for, relatively low-resolution, screenshots.

Thank you for your excellent reply.

I had actually already discovered all of those suggestions, including trying the "\" in the directory name.  I was, as you seem to have picked up on, after a 'real-time' saving to a nominated subfolder.

I tried setting the time to 0 on the Auto-move option but it didn't seem to work. Yep, I already use .png for work screenshots, and .jpg for quick ones here at home.

If it's not possible, I might move it over as a suggestion. Maybe a new field called $subfolder and we can configure it with existing %Y etc values. So we have a fixed main folder, nominate a $subfolder string and then the ss.$customdate% (etc) file name?

If it's too difficult, I might just have to adjust my workflow; today's screenshots go in the root folder and then are moved (later) to the date subfolder.

Ok, I've been using the option to move older screen shots in an attempt to have them automatically get put into 'month' folders, but it's adding OLDER as a new 'Root' folder under my main screenshot folder. 
My screenshot folder is:   

--- ---D:\D_Documents\Screenshots\ss.2020\I just want all of Oct 2020's screen shots to end up in 'date' sub-folders, say:

--- ---D:\D_Documents\Screenshots\ss.2020\ss2020.10_Oct...either during the initial Save operation (ideally) or as part of the Auto Move operation (the fallback).  But Auto Move seems to create an OLDER sub-folder:

--- ---D:\D_Documents\Screenshots\ss.2020\OLDERAnd my 'date' subfolders are created under OLDER.

Is there any way to have the new 'date' sub-folders directly under my screenshot folder? Thank you


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