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Two different GUIs, Please Vote / Express your opinion

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Please help me make a decision about which GUI layout I should go for, continue development.

Current GUI:

New One:

I think, the new one is better because I intend to add more toolbars like, HTML toolbar utilities, JavaScript Toolbar, PHP etc etc and if I keep the current one, more and more toolbars will just keep on being added one on top of the other and eventually space may run out. If I proceed with the new one, I can just keep on adding tabs and place each toolbar there. Screen space will be preserved.

I think the less toolbars enabled by default the better, so I vote for the new one.

I think the less toolbars enabled by default the better
--- End quote ---
yep, i agree - i'm finally understanding that the top tab panel replaces the toolbars - so yeah, i like that better than 100 toolbars, definitely.

I agree - less is not necessarily more, but just enough definitely is!

DEFINITELY the new, the old was a cluttered mess :)


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