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Computer Programming Algorithms Directory


Here's a website that lists a few algorithms for specific tasks, categorized by subject. While the author hopes to "provide a comprehensive directory of web sites", the amount of information it contains is currently rather limited. If significant additional information is added, it might become a good resource. See what you think and perhaps can contribute.

Welcome to my computer programming algorithms directory. I am hoping to provide a comprehensive directory of web sites that detail algorithms for computer programming problems. If you know of any web sites that describe an algorithm (or multiple algorithms), please send me an e-mail: [email protected]

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nice idea, though it doesnt seem like there is much there.. anyone know any similar but better sites?

yeah it's deffinitly missing allot. Where are all the 3d programming algorythms? Physics engine algorythms,... etc?

Here is a free book with a few algorithms, grouped in topics:
Chapter 0: Prologue
Chapter 1: Algorithms with numbers
Chapter 2: Divide-and-conquer algorithms
Chapter 3: Decompositions of graphs
Chapter 4: Paths in graphs
Chapter 5: Greedy algorithms
Chapter 6: Dynamic programming
Chapter 7: Linear programming
Chapter 8: NP-complete problems
Chapter 9: Coping with NP-completeness
Chapter 10: Quantum algorithms

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The individual chapters and the book as a whole are available for download.

I have not looked into this book that much, I can't say if it's good or substantial. I think it's best to have several sources for algorithms because that way you usually also get several different examples which might help a lot.

Let's hope it's expanded.

NIST also has some form of algorithm thingy... many of the entries seem a bit short and stuff, though.


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