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So, you really believe Microsoft now loves Linux, huh?

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Link 1: High-profile Linux sites taken over by Microsoft and staff replaced with Microsoft shills.
Link 2: LinuxAcademy streaming site taken over by Microsoft shills CloudGuru; Linux shows dropped and/or replaced by MS-focused shows.
Link 3: At ZDNet, "Linux" articles are actually articles on how to use the new MSL (Microsoft Subsystem for Linux).
Link 4: Microsoft proclaiming they "love" linux when buying Github was just a ploy to keep Github users from fleeing en masse when Microsoft bought it.
Link 5: Suse are traitors because they promote MS SQL Server in Suse, and they apparently don't remember what happened to Novell.

Personally, I've never believed this "Microsoft Loves Linux" BS.  It's a one-way relationship.  When Microsoft does as much to make Windows technology accessible to Linux users as it has done to make Linux technology work for Microsoft, then I might consider it.  Otherwise, nope.  This is just the "Embrace" stage...

So how long does the "Embrace" stage have to go on before it's realized as just a new approach?

Today I used the WSL in Windows 10 to delete a folder which both the Explorer and the Total Commander claimed to be inaccessible. I am ... amused, to say the least.


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