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Filipe Meira Castro:
Great software and difficult to find improve points but here is a picky idea!!!

I have screenshot folder to be directly the %Desktop% - This is so I can promptly organize or just delete screenshots instead of leaving a bulky folder behind.

This setup that I have been using for years, also creates some issues as sometimes the desktop gets full.

I now tried to have a subfolder (like %Desktop%\SS), and this is where I see it can be improved.

I want to see the SS folder on my desktop only if there are screenshots inside, otherwise I don't want to see that empty folder.
This just means that if the folder %Desktop%\SS exists there are screenshots for me to organize / delete!

Some topics that might help to make this happen:
--> SC to create %Desktop%\SS only after taking / saving a SS (if the folder does not exists!)
--> SC to not create %Desktop%\SS folder on startup (which is just leaving an empty folder)
--> SC explorer to use the first existing parent folder to monitor when the default does not exist (When double-clicking systray to open SSC)

Feasible? :)

Another possibility might be to keep \SS on the Desktop, but change its "Hidden" property.  (?)

EDIT:  Also be sure to check some of the dangers of using Desktop for storage.

EDIT again:
It looks like you should be able to monitor the folder and change its attributes with DropIt
I can't get it to work though. 
I think maybe you can eight monitor OR change a folder, but not both??  Not sure. 

monitor OR change a folder, but not both??  Not sure.
-kunkel321 (August 01, 2020, 09:03 AM)
--- End quote ---
When monitoring a folder, it seems to only be able to change the attribute(s) of the files, not of the folder. That is what you would usually want, I guess.
I tried to use the "Open With" action, and set "(if exist "%ParentDir%\*.*" (attrib -h "%ParentDir%") else (attrib +h "%ParentDir%"))" as the Destination Program, but that doesn't seem to work. And also it doesn't trigger if you delete a file from the directory.
Some deeper investigation in the AutoIt source of DropIt could reveal a way to do this (or extend it with a 'run command' action), but that seems a bit much.

Filipe Meira Castro:
if the SC systray icon would change color / overlay icon when there are screenshots on the folder and when it's empty it would do the trick of reminding me to clean up the folder more promptly and separate the good screenshots from the garbage ones!!

That way the folder would not need to be the desktop!



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