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Cannot move or delete clips

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Well, after a lot of struggling, I've switched to the Alpha version, so hopefully it will continue to function reliably.

Ah, the alpha version is jacked up, doesn't show the excerpt in the preview pane, clip text or whatever....  :mad:
-Subsim (August 02, 2020, 08:46 PM)
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do you still have this problem? (I dont, but on Win 7 now)
if it is still a problem, probably best report it in the alpha thread and mouser should sort it

No, the alpha v2.55.0 is now working as expected, I don't know what changed between running it last week and running it yesterday. The first time I tried it, the preview window was gone and I searched the settings but could not find it.

I set the regular version not to start with Windows and the alpha version to start with Windows.

BTW, where is this alpha thread? Thanks for the reply.



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