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Always on the lookout for good new software, and found GreatNews RSS Reader just before going to bed this morning — Wow! It's fast, free, lightweight, and on the way to being really good. I wish it had more features right now, but the author reminds everyone not to panic and constantly asks for feedback. I've been looking for a replacement for FeedDemon now that Nick Bradbury sold out to NewsGator and turned it into subscriptionware. (I will never pay for subscription-based software!)

Am I the only one who uses WebSite-Watcher as an RSS reader?  It makes sense to me for an RSS reader to have change the notification features of WSW.

I tried using Thunderbird as an RSS reader for awhile, but it would need ten promotions to get to "suck".

I LOVE Website-Watcher and I noticed new RSS features there, but I've never tried them. I use it to hunt for program updates. Thanks Scott, now you just ruined my afternoon! (I'll spend it playing with Website-Watcher and RSS feeds now.)  :)

I just went over to Newsgator and discovered that they released version 2.0 of FeedDemon yesterday, and have changed their subscription models also.  I've donwloaded it and it really is nice - but I'm still not sure yet whether it's $29.95 better than GreatNews!

Does GreatNews have FeedDemon's autowatches and channel newspaper views? Those two are FD's strongest features IMHO.. and I wouldn't be without them. I stlil have to check out AlertBear. I can't stop dreaming of the ultimate RSS reader... a merging of FeedDemon and AlertBear... oh boy.


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