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Repair MP4 video


I was recording a video to MP4 using OBS and the system shut down unexpectedly.  I have a 40omb file that will not play.  I tried to use VLC to convert it, but it will not work. Does anyone know of any tricks?
 Have not tried Video Repair from Grau GmbH for Windows yet.  Seems like there might be better options.

Any recommendations?

This seems to be a complete list.
I have heard of wondershare's oterh products.

To Update...  I tried using ffmpeg.

The video is about 20 minutes long. It recovered the first half of the audio and most of the video, though at the beginning the audio and the video were not in sync.  I am more interested in the audio.  I might look into a way to extract all the audio.
The way this process works is that it an analyzes a working file and compares it to the broken mp4.  The only working file I had from the same session was 10 minutes long. So I wonder if that was what cause it to stop working at the end.

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Grab AVIDemux and create a 20 minute video by appending the 10 minute video to itself and saving.

Or you can use ffmpeg to concat the video:

--- Code: Text ---ffmpeg -i "concat:input1.mp4|input1.mp4" -c copy output.mp4
If you've got access to Linux, (or use WSL), then you can also try untrunc.

BTW, it mentions that if the 'good' sample video was from the same device/source as the 'bad' video, then you'll have a higher degree of success.


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