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Macro to replace formatting with html code? Or other process or program...


In my new job I'm responsible for updating several hundred inter- and intranet pages.  I work with probably a hundred authors, most of whom prepare their text in MS Word, which means their documents are littered with silliness like 'smart quotes' that our CMS doesn't recognize - so I have lots of ?s littering any text I cut and paste.  That's not a major problem since I can just save as plain text; I wish I could get them all to work in plain text, but that's not an option given most of their level of expertise.  What would be really helpful is if I could record a macro that would search-and-replace formatting within their documents with the correct html tags - so, rather than a 'bolded' word, would end up with 'bolded' with the correct html prefix and suffix (I tried to enter that here, but every time I do this clever bulletin board bolds the word!).  I can probably work this out myself (although I am having some difficulty working out how to get Word to find a variable string of formatted characters and replace that string removing formatting and adding code), but I imagine this is something others have also had to do, so can anyone advise me on an easy way of doing this?

there are probably several tools that will let you set up such search+replace projects.. maybe some specific for ms word..
you might also check out this tool from one of the people who entered the BCB contest:

im curious to hear that you go with in the end, and what others recommend.  keep us informed!

No other replies?  I thought one of the AHK evangelists would have leapt on this one!   :)   I've figured out a laborious macro involving various searches and replaces - if you search for bolded £5.67, Word treats this as three words! '£', '5', and '56' - and then you have to do the '.' separately.  But now it seems my work has macros disabled universally!  :(  Back to the drawing board.

how about this?
InfoRapid Multiple Files Search and Replace Across Multiple Files

how about this?
InfoRapid Multiple Files Search and Replace Across Multiple Files
-kimmchii (September 01, 2006, 07:34 AM)
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Or this: BK ReplaceEm
(100% free)


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