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System error

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I tried running UrlSnooper portable in Windows 10 and got this system error:

The code execution cannot proceed because PACKET.DLL and WPCAP.DLL were not found.

Where can I find these dlls which are not in the portable folder?


You need to install Npcap. 
Npcap: Windows Packet Capture Library & Driver:

this is a continuation of WinPcap:
there is also  Win10Pcap - WinPcap for Windows 10:

Hi Tengta,

As a thought, allowing an exception in your firewall might help to get more accurate result.
Basically its telling the Firewall the App is cool

Please keep us updates, so other people benefit from your issues also.

Stay Safe

ferretau -- great find with Win10Pcap, I had not seen that -- it may be time for me to make a new installer for urlsnooper that uses win10pcap (or npcap?)

TengTa, you could try installing win10pcap and urlsnooper should be able to automatically use it -- let us know!  Npcap could also work.


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