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File-icons disappear when changing "Toolbar icon sizing"

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Hi Mouser,
I'm using the new option for "Toolbar icon sizing" with icon size 24x24.
With this setting the screenshotpanel on the left is also enlarging the file- and folder-icons so that the place for them is too small.
They are only displayed with iconsize 16x16.
File-icons disappear when changing "Toolbar icon sizing"

Help me understand a little better -- what's happening?

If I use bigger icons for the toolbar the file- and folder-icons on the left side of the filnames disappear.
(Top picture on the attachment)

It seems that they are also resized and the size is too big for the column.

If I switch to 16x16 px for the toolbar the file- and folder-icons are displayed.
(Bottom picture on the attachment)

EDIT: This is strange! After writing this in the morning, I started SC and everything is ok!
         The file- and folder-icons are displayed also with bigger size.
         I sweare, they were disappeared for weeks, so I made that screenshot in the first post.

Excuse me, I think it was a falsch alarm.

Best wishes

To understand more fully -- you don't use the normal default THUMBNAIL panel on the left -- you use the view mode that shows a list of filenames in that left panel?

Yes, it's "list of filenames".


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