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Bug with filenames (accented characters)


Hi everyone! First of all, mouser, thanks for this wonderful piece of software. I had used a couple of launchbars and even programmed my own before finding this one which is near-perfect. It now lives permanently at the top of my screen.

I wanted to point out a bug (or lack of a feature) when using folder nodes. In this case, filenames with accented letters (á, Ó, etc.) are interpreted wrongly: the characters come out as a´, O´, etc. This is not a cosmetic issue: clicking on the files brings up an error because it can't be found under that name.

Interestingly, folder names don't have this problem: I can have a path like, say, E:\Revistas\Nueva Dimensión\ND19.epub and the file will open fine. The issue only comes up with the file names.

It also happens for some files and not for others. I can't pinpoint a fundamental difference, but it's there.

That's interesting regarding folders working.. I was going to say that LBC just doesn't support unicode paths, but if its working for folders that's strange.  It may be a difference between how windows itself translates certain characters.  There's probably a way to refer to the file paths enocded in a way that LBC can reach them..


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