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IDEA: Chiral motion.

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Have you considered trying a Trackballw?

Have you considered trying a Trackballw?
-rjbull (June 28, 2020, 04:02 PM)
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Good point, but in my case I used a clip-on side trackball years ago and, though I found it was an improvement (ergonomically) over the central little joystick in the middle of the keyboard, I found chiral scrolling to be ergonomically a vast improvement. I think they may still use trackballs in military applications though, as - again ergonomically - they were regarded as being more accurate/precise in use (e.g., rapidly targeting crosshairs on a ship for ship-to-ship missile launch where there are lots of ships clustered in the radar display).
Nowadays, I suppose they'd probably use a touch-sensitive (or aware) display screen.


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