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Duplicate detection?


I'm running version 1.18.1 and the duplicate detection doesn't seem to be working correctly, to test it I let it run continuously while I was gaming for 4+ hours, this involved pausing on the menu screen which is static.

Out of 10000+ screenshots it only detected 4 as duplicates, you can see in the attached screenshot that in that small fraction shown there is many more.

The ignore changes of less than x number of pixels doesn't seem to function either.  I have this set to 75000 for a 1920x1080 capture but it seems to be ignored or am I configuring it wrong?

Duplicate detection?
Duplicate detection?
Duplicate detection?

Sorry for the delay in replying, i didn't see this originally.

There is another settings in AS that could be causing this:

Try disabling that option.

Let me know if that's the cause -- I think I need to move this into capture rules area.

I was thinking I could also add something that kept a hash value for the last X screenshots, so it wasn't always just comparing to the LAST screenshot to see if its a duplicate but rather the last X screenshots..


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