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LBC dock location changing


I'm using v1.160.02, but this has been a problem with many prior versions as well.

I use a single bar docked just to the left of the window controls in the top left corner of my monitor.  This works fine for some time.  Then I must be doing something that confuses LBC.  My docking location changes to a new place about an inch in from the top right of my monitor.  This is always where I 'find' it after losing it from my preferred location in the top left.  Not only has it mysteriously moved, but it also is wider than I had it configured.

Any thoughts on what is happening and how to fix it? 

I have noticed such things can happen if a monitor disconnects or turns off.  Have you notice anything that precedes this behavior?

Can you try disabling this option and see if it makes a difference:

I leave my computer on 24x7 but the monitor does go to sleep.  Some software I have doesn't always play nice with my resolution, though I never change it.  Perhaps this is the cause.  I made the change you suggest - will see how things go.  Thanks.


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