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Make Clips Always Stay in Tray Menu ?


How do I get specific clips to always stay in the menu that first appears when I click the clipboard icon that is in the tray menu, I think the area I am meaning is called "Quick Paste Menu"

I have tried several times to accomplish this to no avail.

Thanks for reading and all help is appreciated.

I use the favourites sub-menu: not exactly what you're looking for, but works well:
My shortcut for the quick-paste menu is Ctrl+Alt+V (I think the default is different -- check in the options)
"W" then opens the main window -- there's a tick-box column to mark clips as favourites (see below)
Back in the quick-paste menu: "Q" will open the favourites sub-menu

Make Clips Always Stay in Tray Menu ?

Make Clips Always Stay in Tray Menu ?


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