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Including some scripts with next version

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i almost included that in the last release.

f&r has an alias feature already that even lets you make groups of programs under an alias.
i will add the right click -> add to alias
exactly as you suggest.

thanks. it's getting better and better. this program has potential :))

not really sure how far you want to take 'find and run robot' mouser, but i can see with the latest suggestions the program is destined to incorporate all the well known command line features of it's competitors

with your enthusiasm to keep improving it i'm sure 'find and run robot' will soon surpass everything else out there. (let's face it; the initial version you released was way ahead of the pack anyway.)

on the subject of scripts, could you implement a feature that allowed searches to be done. say, type 'g vintage cars' and up pops google with the search completed for 'vintage cars'. typing a different first character would invoke a different search engine. i have this already set up inside the maxthon browser so that searches can be done in the address bar but it would be nice to do it straight from pressing the 'pause/break' key (i've seen it done with other command line utils).

taking the search idea further - how about if you could type in a search term and maybe even an initial start location you could then search for files on your hard drive(s). maybe specify the extension to the file, things like that.

its strenght is also in its simplicity somehow. careful mouser :))

one way not to overload it with to make them enable/disable. so far it looks nice!

i notice our community here grows :)!

keep in touch,

i agree 100%
i am trying to make it usable right after install without any configuration,
but also tweakable for people who love to tinker with custom settings.


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