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How to Restore a lost dock

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I have three bars, one for video programs, one for internet programs, and the third for tools.  I wanted to move Video, so I selected Toggle Docking. Instead of just becoming a little moveable thing, it vanished completely. It's not on any of my screens. Where did it go, and how can I restore it?  I tried restoring my last save, but it didn't come back. :(

It's pretty hard to lose a file permanently in LBC because it keeps backups and multiple files.. But it's easy to misplace stuff since LBC can be confusing.

The first task is to open the options of lbc and go look at what dock files are loaded -- see if you see your dock in the OPTIONS.. If so then you know it's just a matter of configuring where it is on screen.

If its not even listed in the list of tree node files, it may just need to be OPENED by you in the options.  One of the confusing things about LBC is that you can have multiple dock files loaded at the same time, so it may be that you closed one of the files (rather than just toggled off one of the docks).

See what you can figure out and let me know.

Well, it shows in Options, but that's the only place. I finally decided the easiest thing is to just make a new dock, and move the program links to it from the old, missing one.   So I have what I need now. Thanx anywho.   :-[

You know, LBC will let you MINIMIZE each dock to a single icon menu in the system tray (notification) area, where it will act as a menu.. I wonder if your dock wasn't minimized down there?

nope, not down there.  I suspect its above the top of the monitor. WHereever it is, its there to stay, as I have deselected it in configuration, since I made the replacement.    ;)


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