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Configuring external tools help


I would appreciate guidance in configuring the external tools to upload a screenshot to a cloud service such as google drive, dropbox, One Drive, etc.   I haven't any luck with this.  Thanks

Hi Jax.

There are a couple of different ways to do what you want.

Note first that Screenshot Captor includes a built-in tool to upload to ImageShack online image sharing service.

For other tools, the most common way would be to choose the Tools menu and then the last option "Configure external tools"

You can then look at any existing tools or add new ones.  In the add dialog it will tell you how to format the file name for your tool.

But I guess the first step is to find the tool you want to trigger and see how it expects to be told about the screenshot filename.

The other way external tools can be configured is to have someone make a .sctool configuration file for it so you don't have to manually add it as explained above.  SC comes with a bunch of these for some common programs.
If you find a good tool that you want to use with SC you could post about it and maybe someone can make an .sctool file for you.


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