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Need a little help with an Excel file please

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Stephen McBride:

I have zipped the Excel file (unable to save it to XL format, could be an Office 365 thing!)

In a nutshell, each time I manually deduct from cell B, I would like cell D to automatically increase by the same amount.

I hope this makes sense.

Thanks all and stay safe.

1. Over in column G, set up the column to contain Columns B + G. eg in g2: =b2+d2, then copy down
2. Copy column G to column E, but instead of the normal paste, use "paste special" and paste VALUES rather than formulae
3. Setup column F to contain column E - column B eg in f2: =E2-B2
4. Column F heading becomes "Sold" and Column D can be deleted

pretty sure I can automate this, but it might take me a few days to organise...

TSaints solution works, but seems (to me) like a convoluted way of doing it

Stephen McBride:
Thanks guys, really appreciate any help  :)

Target.. would really like to see the automated version, hopefully elegant - expect I'd find it useful too or at least get some good ideas.


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