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Fuzzy Text

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Okay, I have alluded to it before, but haven't provided much detail.  Here is an example of fuzzy text I get doing certain things.

In this case, I create a text box and put some text in it.  It looks fine as long as the text box is selected.  But when I unselect it, or flatten the text box, the text gets fuzzier and more out of focus looking.  This example demonstrates that, but it's not the best example, it's just something that I came across while working on something else and decided to use it to document this problem.

Sometimes the text gets so blurry and fuzzy that it's hard to read (maybe it depends on the font, size, background color and or properties, etc.).  You can see what I mean here.  In this case the blurriness just kind of makes it look like it's been changed to bold.

So sometimes it's frustrating that it looks fine when I have the box selected, but then it looks horrible when I flatten it.

I think this is SC trying to do some antialiasing.. Let's see if there is an option that will fix it.

First, can you confirm that this happens even when the zoom is at 100%?

Second, let's check if its an artifact of viewing: If you save the screenshot file and then open it in an external image viewer (just double click it in thumbnail panel to do so) -- does it still look blurry?

Assuming that this is happening even at 100% zoom, can you see if messing with these options has any effect:


YOU WORK TOO MUCH!  This is the second time you have helped me on a Sunday.

I almost don't have words for how cool this program is.  It looks like you were right!  I simply set anti-aliasing to "Never," and this particular issue anyway seems to have disappeared.  Yet another level of super fantastic detailed settings this program has that I never knew about.  I absolutely love the depth of adjustments SC has.  There is nothing else out there that can match it.

If I understand your question correctly, yes, the fuzziness was happening at 100% zoom.  When I made the screenshot in the first post in this thread zoom was at 100%.  So it appears it was the aliasing!

Thank you mouser.  You are amazing!  :Thmbsup:

 :Thmbsup: :Thmbsup: :Thmbsup:

Thank you for the kind words.


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