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Back Up / Restore Instructions

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can anyone point me in the direction of a detailed how-to in backing up and restoring the launcher,as i'm fed up in having problems and having to do everting time and time afain, thanks in advance

You shouldn't have any trouble upgrading, it should upgrade and preserve all your settings.

If you do want to back up your settings, there are a couple of files to back up:

* Each launch bar will be its own .MCF file (most users will only have one!); this is the most important file.
* LaunchBarCommander.ini - some generic options
* LaunchBarCommander.mcp - just tells LBC which launch bar files to load
By default these will all be in: C:\Users\USERNAME\Documents\DonationCoder\LaunchbarCommander\ directory.

If you have any doubt about where your launch bar data file is stored, just click on the FILE node in the main configuration and LBC will tell you:

so if i export them somewhere safe abd when i re install ,do i just copy and pastre those files back and i'm back to where i was? cheers


After you copy the files, if you open the new version of LBC and don't see your dock file loaded, choose from the menu File -> Open File and browse to your MCF file.

Make sure you backup the MCF you are using inside your LBC (see the screenshot), and not some other default empty .mcf file that might come pre-included with LBC.


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