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From within GTA to Excel

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Looking for a new challenge I got the idea of updating an Excel table from within GTA, e.g. having Excel adding "1" to the sum of a row (another won GTA race). I don't think programming Excel using Visual Basic would be a problem.  I could manage that some 20 years ago. But not leaving a running game, not even change the application <alt>+<tab>,  certainly is. Any ideas are highly welcome.

You can instantiate an Excel COM object, and manipulate it completely from there, so I think you'll manage that fine. Lots of resources to be found in 'da google' when you get stuck ;)

My question was above all how pass a keystroke to windows from within GTA. Excel would not be the problem. If I could pass any keystroke from within GTA to windows then that would be a progress.

Maybe AutoHotKey could be used to catch keystrokes and send them to Excel?

Thank you. I got that hint from several sides. I would be happy if I could control Excel at all from within GTA. I don't need to collect data from the game. I fancy an open workbook and worksheet in the background. All I want as a start is to write "1" to a column's last cell. I once was half an expert in Word-VBA and Excel-VBA and am fighting HKA at present. It works in GTA sometimes, meaning I can sent keystrokes to the game in certain situations e.g. if the text-dialogue is open, I can't open nor can I close the dialogue, however.


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