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Weird precision (or lack thereof) in time remaining displayed

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So, I'm doing my thing, crunching away at Ludum Dare, and I notice my PBOL says this:

2 days 189 minutes? Not 2 days and 3 hours? Okaayyy then... :tellme:

I give it some serious side-eye but I'm busy working on the game jam, so I snap a screenshot and let it slide for the time being. A while later, I notice it's about 20 minutes away from being a full 24 hours since LD46 began (meaning I should have about 2 days 20 minutes remaining), but now it looks like this:

Uh... what? :huh:

First of all, why is it telling me I have 189 minutes remaining and not showing hours? Second of all, why, when I'm finally at a point where showing me minutes remaining makes sense, does it totally omit the minutes and just round to 2 days? :-\

PBOL is weird.

But I still like it. :D

 :-* :P

I have to look into it -- it's been so long since I worked on PBOL.
It sounds like its messing up on the hours display.. Does it *ever* tell you you have X days and Y hours?

Maybe PBOL is just trying to keep you on your toes and show you new and creative ways to think about the passage of time..

Does it *ever* tell you you have X days and Y hours?
-mouser (April 19, 2020, 06:43 PM)
--- End quote ---

Yes. It was showing hours until about 2 days and 4-5 hours remained. I'm not sure exactly when it made the switch. But I noticed it had changed from hours to minutes when it was close to (but higher than) the 3 hours remaining mark.

Here's another weird one I noticed earlier today:

I just created a timelapse from the screenshots I took and I see PBOL went from 2 days 4 hours remaining to 2 days 239 minutes remaining. Then it went from 2 days 60 minutes remaining to 2 days remaining.


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