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CHS causing "the picture is too large and will be truncated" error in excel?

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Can you reproduce the problem -- and tell me how to reproduce it? Maybe send me an excel file that triggers the error? ([email protected])

Hi Mouser,

That's right. The error occurs, when I try to copy within excel. It is not related to any particular file. Even if I try copying multiple cells within a new blank excel file, I get the same error. That, unless I exit CHS.

Searching on the internet, I found that this problem occurs in a number of cases, some of which involved one clipboard manager or the other. That is what made me try turning CHS off in the first place.  I will check again, if using the non-alpha stable version also results in a similar error. That might help in the troubleshooting.

Would you still like to have the BLOB data?

Thanks and a great weekend.

I think what I need to do is tweak the CHS rule system to allow it to better ignore formats early and not try to access them.. and maybe that, combined with ignore CF_METAPICT format for excel, will solve the problem.

Still what I'd really like to do is be able to reproduce the problem locally so I could test it better.

Hi Mouser,

I have sent you the BLOB data file using PM.

Today, I reinstalled the stable version (2.46.01) and the excel error disappeared. At least until now, the error seems to be related to the Alpha version  (2.47.01) only.


I have uploaded a new alpha version (same url).

This new version will surely not solve the problem per se, but it now will skip trying to even look at formats that are excluded in the advanced rule section.

Once installed, add a rule as follows:

This should prevent CHS from trying to grab the CF_METAFILEPICT format, that causes excel to freak out.  It shouldnt have any other bad side effect since CHS can still see the alternate image file format.


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