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CHS causing "the picture is too large and will be truncated" error in excel?

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Now this is interesting:

Until now I was unzipping the alpha version in the CHS program files folder, which is a result of installing CHS using the setup program. Now I removed the installed version and started using CHS just as portable program. Now, even after including the excel rule, I have started getting the error in excel again.  :tellme:

Hmm that is very odd..

Can you check the excel rule in the options, AND make sure you are running the latest CHS (2.54).

I've uploaded a new alpha (v2.55); this one should also solve the excel problem but even without a rule added, based on the fact that it knows to ignore the CF_METAFILEPICT format if it finds an earlier better format (CF_ENHMETAFILE).

The solution is still basically the same, to avoid trying to grab CF_METAFILEPICT from excel, it just avoids it automatically now rather than needing a custom rule.  So it should solve the problem out of the box for everyone.

Please do let me know if you ever see that error in this new version!

Thanks for the quick uptake, dear Mouser.

I just downloaded and use the 2.55 version and the error persists. I wonder, what it was with my earlier configuration (sadly deleted now) with the alpha version copied straight over the installed version that did not show the problem after the version update a couple of weeks earlier.  :huh:

Following is the screenshot of the 2.55 rules interface:

CHS causing "the picture is too large and will be truncated" error in excel?


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