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CHS causing "the picture is too large and will be truncated" error in excel?

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Ok I re-read your original post and saw you were saying it happens when you have more than a few cells selected, so I tried a test capturing more cells, and I can trigger the error on my end.
So the fix above should work... And now I need to decide how best to handle it going forward so that people don't have to add that rule manually..

Hi Mouser,

Thanks for your great help.

The best way to reproduce the error that I found till now is to select the entire worksheet by clicking on the top left corner and then copying using Ctrl+C.

I have just now downloaded and installed the latest Alpha version (v 2.54.0) and did not get the error. Perhaps a good thing? :-)



P.S.: I now have put it on my to do list for 2021-22: Learn scripting so as to understand the programming references here and maybe also contribute to the development more actively.

Thank you for your patience with me taking a while to fix this.

The error will still show up in the new version until you add the rule; once you do it should solve it I think.

In any future version I will make the rule automatic so you don't have to add it.

Hi Mouser,

THANK YOU for your dedication to the project and your sense of responsibility for the users. I (and I am sure that most other members) appreciate it a lot.

I am including the rule right now. But, did not get the error, despite not having added the rule since I updated to the latest alpha  a few minutes back.

I have now also included the rule. Reporting no error till now.  :)


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