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Searching emails with Archivarius

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Given that Archivarius' developers apparently don't respond to emails (i.e. provide support), does anyone here know how to search email messages with Archivarius?  I use a European domain called Yandex, and it isn't listed on the Archivarius website, so I don't know if I even have the potential for this to work, but assuming that my email client was compatible, how would I use Archivarius to search emails?

At present, I don't download or save my emails.  They are just in the Yandex server.  So what are the steps that I would need to take to be able to search all of my emails using Archivarius?

Thanks for any help,

Well, you could use a tool called: MailStore Home

With this software you can pull all your mail to your computer. You could then export these into a folder on your computer (using the .eml format) and then let Archivarius index these files.

This method makes sure you have a local backup of your mail.

However, when the MailStore Home software retrieves your mail, it already stores these messages and their attachments into a database of its own. And you can search through messages and attachments directly using the MailStore Home interface, which provides many search parameters for you to search through your mail. And it returns results fast. Even on my archive of 10 years worth of email, searches take a second or 2.

MailStore Home is free for non-commercial use.

If you do need to buy MailStore it is rather expensive.

You can export your mail it seems, - so use your preferred format every once in a while. You can also convert email to HTML and search those files (I'd go for mbox format (thunderbird) and use perl or other programs/scripts to convert it, various free solutions can be found - often such tools keep cross references between messages e.g. next/reply etc)

Thanks both, Shades and Lintalist!

Regarding MailStore, can it pull down email from multiple email addresses / domains, or only one?  I am looking for the quickest, one-way, option to do all this.

Given that Archivarius' viewer window always mangles the format of whatever it is displaying, I use it to make an initial search, and then I open the file in its native programs.  With emails, I could probably read them just fine in their "mangled" Archivarius format.

Thus, having one way to most simply and efficiently download all the email, let Archivarius index it, and then search it in Archivarius is what I'm going for.  Introducing yet another program to my arsenal would be less than desirable, but potentially worth it--especially if I could use it for other email domains I have outside of Yandex.

Thanks for your input.

MailStore Home is free, at least it was last time I looked on their site. MailStore Server is indeed expensive, but not necessary for your purpose.
At work I have several mail accounts (from different providers) configured in my Thunderbird mail client. Each account stores its messages/settings/filters etc. into a separate folder. MailStore Home is configured to look through these folders.

So yes, it is possible to have MailStore Home work with multiple accounts on multiple domains. 


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