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Simple version of a folder lock utility that would require a password for access

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Thanks, Cgingerich  I tried to go there but it said I needed an invitation?

I just need something that is secure from casual attempts to open and read but VERY simple to use for both the person making the protected folder as well as the person that would get the password to open it. 

You are correct wraith, it is blocked except for invited users?  I hope c.gingerich notices our comments.  It might work if it is something really simple that works like a lockbox,  whatever I toss into the folder is locked unless a password is entered.  Probably too simple for today's modern world.  This is just to prevent everybody from seeing specific files and the users don't want o use Word to password them which is what they Should do.  I tried one called "folder lock" it got high ratings and would definitely do the job but it has WAY too many other features and options in it. The people that want to lock the few files would never figure it out.
Just a simple way to lock a folder by password or else a way to create a self-extracting archive that just required a password to extract  That way nobody has to spend a lot of time trying to figure it out.

How do people access these files? By browser?
Ah yes, I read it now, browser access.

Do the people need to store files?
If not it can actually be rather simple. Which web-server software do you run?
Enable WebDAV for Apache 2.x.
Or on IIS 7 and higher.
Or on IIS 6.

(yes, you can disregard any remark regarding microstrategy, that is just a company who was friendly enough to write clear instructions for the most simple way to start using WebDAV (your own company's cloud drive))

Each user can have his/her own folder, with their own password and read/write privileges where necessary. At the back end, you can automatize the distribution of files in these user folders by using Powershell and/or batch scripts. Or do the user file distribution manually, whichever you prefer.

Thanks, Shades
I will definitely look at that
the site is an Apache one and I need to review the option you presented
it probably would be fine
we did have a perfectly good Document manager site but too many people wanted it 'easier' meaning no tracking of anything
that left it with no way to manage anything either.  Originally each user had a login and password so could be identified and access controlled
now the whole site has a single login and password so there is no way to manage who can see what.  As far as the site can tell there IS only one user :(


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