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I would like to make a suggestion towards Screenshot Captor. Without doubt, it is very rich in features, but sometimes it just ain't fast enough because it might involve extra step.

My normal work day would be activating WhatsApp (WA) & Telegram on desktop. Several times each day, I'd be taking screenshots, copy (without saving it) the image, and paste it (CTRL + V) in the WA  or Telegram window.

With ScreenShot Captor, I would have to choose "Save Image and Show" before I could edit the image.

With my previous screenshot program, editing the image, adding box, drawing arrow without having the need to save the file first. Though it lacks of able to change the font size and others.

So, the question is, could you add a fast mode feature, that is after taking screenshot, be able to edit it, click "copy" button, then I could just paste it (CTRL + V) merrily in the WA or Telegram program.

Thank you

Sorry for the delay in replying -- your post originally was hidden and I only now noticed it.

I think you can do what you want if you tell SC that after each capture it should show the main form.. Then you won't have to confirm that you want to Save Image and Show each time.
(in fact I *never* use that pop-up post capture dialog -- I always either have SC set to show after each capture or stay minimize).

Then after you edit your image, press the little button near the bottom right that looks like an organge clipboard icon, that will copy your saved changes to the clipboard.
(if it asks you to confirm that you want to save your settings and you don't like to hit Ctrl+S first to save, you can change the SC options to tell it to always save your changes without asking).

Hope that helps!

Aha, found that option, thank you for the head up.

After looking at it, there is a lack of keyboard shortcut for copying to clipboard.

Ctrl+C should work.


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