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Very unusual behaviour of PNGs taken by ScreenshotCaptor?


Since today the following happens: Screenshots taken by ScreenshotCaptor (*.png) and opened Win-utility photos start automatically maximizing and downsizing a picture automatically and repeatedly, up to what I consider max size and one step (?)  back and to max size again and so on. Uninterruptedly. Endlessly. Not so by screenshots taken by <WIN>+<prtscr>.

How strange.. Any theories?

Not he slightest idea. One of the strangest things in PC experience after 40 years! Haven't looked into this matter deeply yet. Should there be a strange process running? I donĀ“t know. I might be able to record what I see, the maximizing and downsizing, using Geforce experience, but I recorded only parts of games so far. It seems the maximizing reaches a peak point, from which further maximizing isn't possible anymore and reverts one step. Ich switched ScreeshotCaptors default format to JPG. So the problem vanished.

Very very strange..

You could try a couple of different things to narrow down the cause:
1. Make sure you have latest version of SC
2. Try changing the compression level in SC for png images
3. Maybe its related to comments in the SC file? do all SC files open with this behavior?


The good news about ScreenshotCapter: It is almost perfect, as it always was. Must have been something with the left mouse button that got stuck. Sorry for alarming you. Thx. :)


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