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Ludum Dare 45 Reviews

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I found another really fun one!


Cute little animation up top, but the main game is combining things, starting from just a stick and Philosopher's Stone, and trying to build yourself into a stone age civilization.

Apparently I got decently far, more than some of the LD players who posted notes.

Ludum Dare 45 Reviews

I beat it!

So ... rating ... when there's no kill or timeout, that's notable. And methodical work does pay off. IT just takes a while, and tip - there's one or two transactions that have to be done in a certain order! That might stump a lot of people because most of them are simple matches. So it's still a pretty good screen shot. After I rest up, I'll think if I want to make this a spoiler enhanced walk-through. Possibly another post, so people can play this straight from this post and there's still work to do after my screen shot.

This is my first favorite one so far.


With the funny name Lucky Legal Llama, is a sailing demo of a game mechanic.
But even if there isn't very much gameplay, it has a nifty Scotch-Irish Opening song!

I don't know what happened. I intended to browse the LD45 entries myself as well as play some of the ones you wrote about here. But somehow I missed and/or forgot about this thread and now it's been so long I'm not sure I feel it's relevant enough to me anymore for me to personally delve into any of the entries.

That said, as of now I'm planning to participate in and submit an entry for Ludum Dare 46 this April, if the schedule for it manages to work for my situation. So I expect I'll be starting a new thread about that in a couple of months. :Thmbsup:

Thanks anyway for often starting up these kinds of threads. There are so many entries that you can't possibly view them all, so it's nice to see what interesting games other people discover and what they think of them.

I just discovered this one. It's entertaining.

Ludum Dare 45 Reviews

Make sure you've got a microphone connected when you use it. It allows you to record some sound effects to use in the game.


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