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A feature (or two) for the Extended Format Clipboard Help+Spell

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G'Day Mr mouser,

 Now that Clipboard Help+Spell has the capability to save multiple formats of clips, I wish to make a request for a little update to the main window that would, I feel, be very handy as this new feature evolves.

 I wish that there be a greater number of actions that can be written, stored and accessed via the action button than is now possible.

 I have been contemplating this for a while and I feel compelled to ask for this now, especially as with all the new formats of clips that will now be stored, there will be a need to access  a much greater variety of different actions for the different formats. I initially wanted just a possibility to store more actions in the available 'action' button, but on contemplating the nature of Clipboard Help+Spell more fully I realised the value of maybe a slightly bigger change.

 I would now like to have three more action 'type buttons' (Four in all.), all with a larger storage capacity than the current configuration allows, which is only 21 items in my old version, this being way too limited in scope.

So... One new button for graphics clips (My 1st idea that got me started thinking along this path.). One second new button for sending clips specifically to installed programs (My 2nd idea.). And now a third new button for investigating the new formats of clips that become available within the latest Clipboard Help+Spell.

 I'll explain a little further. I currently have all 21 slots defined to access information on the web. Sites that deal with text only like spell checkers, synonyms, dictionaries, zip code searches, translators, search engines and that sort of thing. I wish to expand this with more search engines specifically and I'm sure some other items that as I expand the list will return to my memory (I said I have been thinking along these lines for a while now.) and that generally fit into the usage pattern that I wish to confine to the first button. Text stuff.

 The second button could be dedicated to graphics websites, like format converters for svg, webp, heic and the slightly more esoteric formats that one comes across, also sites for online storage and sharing such as Flickr,  iStock or Pinterest or even easy forum posting and via a properly configured script, avatar submission for the said forums. You get the picture, I'm sure.

 Button number three for the new formats of clips. Mainly online again for Html checkers, code verification, etc... whatever come to mind down the track for these new formats.

 Lastly the button for installed programs. I initially wanted this to start programs where I actually would use the clips I now have. I use quite a few different text editors for different types of documents and written editing. If they are not running when I grab a clip, I would like to have them configured in a readily accessible menu that groups these editors all in one location. Into this menu I would also place all my major graphics manipulation programs for convenience. Basically a Tools Menu like we find in Screenshot Captor.

 I have a thought or two on the menu structure of all four buttons. These menus should provide for sub-menus for grouping sites or programs that can take more than one form of clip as input. There should be separator and title lines that are non-clickable for neatness and easy labelling and management of their entries. This is fairly essential, I feel, as I would like the option to place many items into each of these menus, way more that the current 21, perhaps even in the hundreds (Some sites or programs could easily take 5 or more different input stream types. That was initially how I maxed out the single supplied quick action button and had to think long and hard about what I would leave therein.). So I would suggest a limit of 2048 entries per menu, or more. Large I know, but say 10 years down the track who knows what we'll be doing with clips, so plan big; It's just a limit that really doesn't need to be set low!

 Some more on the appearance. Specific program and site icons, (It's easy to grab a favicon or two via an online visit to sites, and a storage location for them of course would be needed to be provided within Clipboard Help+Spell's folder structure.), should be visible in these menus since we ARE using a Graphical User Interface (Windows -  ;) .), to make things easier to locate. And lastly accelerator keys that do not peak at 15  :o :'( . I have well over that number of keys on my keyboard... Why such an arbitrarily low limit?

 Since these new buttons are all quick action buttons, let's reserve this name for the options panel's configuration page and it's four submenus, those being, I humbly suggest, and in this order please, Textual (For the upgrade current button.), Graphical (Obviously for clipped graphics.), Miscellany (For the extended formats.) and Programmatic (For installed programs), though of course this would totally be up to your good self Mr mouser. It would also be the order that I think is the most logical for inclusion on the main window's divider bar, left to right, as the most copied clips are text, followed by graphics, now following is the new extended formats and lastly and slightly left of center is the programs menu (I mean not really as alike as the first three buttons which would be mainly online based while this last has a more local flavour. I don't mean bar location/position.).

 The name of this program IS 'Clipboard Help+Spell', so lets make it a tool that's going a little bit more towards a real clipboard helper. Especially as it is getting a major upgrade in the clipboard department. it deserves a likewise level of upgrade in the helper department.

 There, I rest my case, M'lud. Thank you linesmen, thank you ball boys.

 Thanks, in anticipation, as I'm sure you will give this some serious thought.

Cheers, MikleB

The limit of 21 actions you are mentioning.. Are you talking about a limit of the number of items in the "Quick actions on selected text" submenu of the pop-up menu, or something else?

G'day mouser

I am talking about the actions that you see in the dropdown menu with the DonationCoder (fav)icon next to it labelled 'Actions' on the toolbar part of the 'Memo' panel. On my install, if you hover over it the tooltip it displays is "Choose a quick action to perform on clip", and is configured via an page in the configuration dialogue accessed under the name 'Quick Actions'.

The only other configurable menu that I know of in Clipboard Help+Spell that could be clouding the issue is on the same toolbar but is labelled 'Modify Format/Case' which is unlimited in size (I presume) since it's size and contents is governed by small external files stored in the 'PresetFormats' folder. Just while where are talking about this other menu though, it also could use dividers and submenus as I could and already have seriously enlarged this one from the 6 items that come pre-installed within it.

The actions come with just 2 pre-installed items, 'define term' and 'google'. It maxes out at 21 items and will not accept more and only has 15 accelerator keys (1-9 and A-P). I hope this clears up what I was on about in the last post.

Thank you for you attention,


Ok thanks, that clarifies it -- I forgot there was that menu -- it also shows those items in the quick paste popup dialog.  I will look into your suggestions and see if I can remove the limits as well.

Hmm checking here I don't see any 21 item limit-- I am showing so far 35 and counting if I add them..
When you say a 21 limit, can you take a screenshot?


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