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Error sending mail

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I get this message "error sending mail" in a pop-up notification window when I send email via the 'default' email program.   My email client is 32 bit outlook 2013.    I love Screenshot Captor, but I need email to work.


Did you already configure your e-mail client in the drop down?

Yes I did (see attached).

I tried configuring for each option and none produced an email.

When using the "default mail client" option, I get a "error sending mail(2)" message box.

When using the other options, I get no message.

In all cases an email is not sent.

Oh, and I reinstalled Outlook 2013 as a 32 bit app (it had been 64 bits)

That was my one shot- I'm sure mouser will reply when he gets a chance.  Sorry I couldn't be of more help.

In the configuration panel from Windows, you will see a icon called 'Mail' appear after you install Outlook. When you double-click that icon, you are able to configure the settings from Outlook itself. Outlook should be able to define all required parameters automatically when you fill in your mail address and password. After this configuration you can test if you are able to send/receive messages within Outlook itself.

You then should check if Outlook is setup correctly for all mail features. It would not be the first time that Outlook messes up the default settings, so while you think it is setup correctly, it isn't. Can be a real time sink getting all settings correctly.

Newer versions of Outlook do this automatic configuring worse than older versions. Also, make sure there is no other mail client installed on the computer you install Outlook on. Again, it can mess up the default associations even when you tell Outlook to be the one and only mail client. Had that particular problem myself on one computer. Outlook refused to make all the default associations. Tried it with Outlook 2010, Outlook 2013, Outlook 2016 and Outlook 2019, all the same behavior. The only thing that helped was removing the other mail client using Revo Uninstaller to make really sure all associations were reset, then remove Outlook again using Revo Uninstaller, a complete reboot and finally re-install Outlook.

Another note:
If you use the 64-bit version of ScreenShot Captor (or any other 64-bit application for that matter) and use a 32-bit Outlook, do not expect things to go smoothly. Using a 32-bit application? Use a 32-bit Outlook.

Mixing and matching versions should not matter. In practice, the translation between 32/64-bit with regards to Office products is always giving you headaches in the best case scenarios. Especially when you have to start working with Extended MAPI features of Outlook and/or Exchange.

For 3rd party command-line mail clients I can recommend 'CMail' and 'SwithMail'.



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