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mircryption for NodeJS

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Interesting indeed.

New to nodejs and couldnt figure it out either, same as OP.
Could not find a working module either.

I tried default nodejs crypto but couldnt get the padding to work iirc.
Remember using that 'non-standard encoding table' var instead of normal b64 isnt enough.

Also tried:

- base convertor:
- sladex-blowfish (
- dojo-release-1.8.1/dojox/encoding/crypto/_base.js.uncompressed.js
- javascript-blowfish/Blowfish.node.js

Ended up just writing a wrapper around blowssi and calling that with childProcess.execSync on message, pm and notice listeners (from nodejs-irc)
It does both chan and DH1080 keyx in cbc and ebc modes.
Its a bit slow but hey it works.


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