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Screenshot Captor grabbing focus.


G'day mouser

I have encountered a small problem, more of a quirk actually, in Screenshot Captor.

I have just installed the latest portable version and while I had it open, I was doing some work within Irfanview on some files within a sub-directory of Screenshot Captor's default save directory and every time that I saved a file into this sub-directory, Screenshot Captor grabbed focus away from Irfanview.

It only happens, as best I can judge, after the save is completed, as I notice my hard drive stops spinning and then Screenshot Captor grabs focus (Updating it's database I suspect, for some reason, even though the file is being saved back into it's original location, that is a sub-directory of the one that is being viewed by Screenshot Captor.).

This didn't occur when Screenshot Captor was minimized to the tray, only when it was behind Irfanview.

A tad annoying and, I'm sure it is aberrant behaviour that you have not programmed into Screenshot Captor, so I thought I should give you a heads up just so it is nipped in the bud before it propogates into future updates.

A quick question re: Screenshot Captor. Should it ever intentionally react when it is in the background? If for some reason you feel this is a benefit to some internal process, might I be enlightened as to what that may be and if that IS the case, would it be possible to optionally delay that procedure, even at the cost of a lengthier re-initialisation of Screenshot Captor when I return focus to it.

I'd prefer a slow restart to it grabbing focus.

Thanks MikleB

Hi MikleB.

Let me see if I can reproduce it.. There's no reason that SC should be grabbing focus in such a case.


In my testing, if you update a file in the Screenshots directory, SC will refresh it's thumbnail panel, but I don't see it grabbing focus, it stays as a background window.

G'Day mouser,

It definitely grabs focus at my end.

I am saving into a sub-directory of the Screenshots directory. Maybe Screenshot Captor is sensing that something is going on deeper inside the folder structure and wants some clarification on what is happening there. Just a thought.

I initiated this editing in Irfanview not from Screenshot Captor itself but from my file manager. I just happened to leave Screenshot Captor running in the background. I had just downloaded the latest version and had decided to clear out some of the files that I had stored in a sub-directory of Screenshot Captor's Screenshots directory. I doubt that this has any real bearing on the scenario, but then again better information may yeild some clues as to what is going on.

Puzzling indeed.


After I wrote the above lines I thought I should see if this behaviour persisted till today and in a different sub-directory (I have a few configured.) but the prolem was not reproducable, even in the original folder. I do see Screenshot Captor trying to update it's thumbnails even though the files I am saving are not in it's thumbnail list but the sub-directories that contain them are in that list, however it does stay nicely in the background.

Damn gremlins.

The problem appears to have been a temporary one, though it did happen 30 or so times yesterday, seems the shut down overnight may have fixed it but I will monitor things to see if the problem reappears.

Thanks for your attention mouser.

Cheers, MikleB

Possibly related focus issue (on a windows 7 machine):
SC is set to 'Save but keep main window minimized' after capture.
With SC window open in the background, take a screenshot -- in a test of six screenshots (full screen), two screenshot caused the main SC window to gain focus i.e. come to the front. It's possible it depends on when the SC window last had focus -- more recent causes it to opo up, I think). Possibly only a problem on win.7 (in which case not really worth looking at...)

I know this was reported before, and *think* it was fixed at the time (?) but not sure :-/


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