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25% off purchase of SyncBackPro/SE (backup software) new or upgrade licenses.


25% off purchase of SyncBackPro/SE new or upgrade licenses.

World Backup Day 2020 Special Offer

As part of efforts to promote World Backup Day, we are offering everyone 25% off their purchase of SyncBackPro/SE new or upgrade licenses.

This offer ends Friday April 3rd, 2020.

--- End quote ---

Solid software.

Midnight Rambler:
I'm searching for a total backup solution (data and image).  Acronis is a no-go for various reasons. Have been using SyncBackFree with good results as a substitute for other programs' native backup function (since only data is involved).  Considered SyncBackSE as a solution so shot an email to SyncBack support and received the following response:  Yes, SyncBack is a backup utility designed to backup files-based data that are created by the user (that is, files created by you). Backing-up system files, Program Files folder, entire system drive backup, cloning or imaging drives are not supported, nor will it be supported in the future.

Since it backs up only data, it's not a total backup solution.  Guess I'll stick with a combination of EaseUS Todo Backup Free 12.0 and Macrium Reflect for now.

Appreciate your heads-up anyway.


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