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Affinity offers 90-day free trial/50% discount on all software

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Affinity: Supporting the creative community

The effects of the COVID-19 pandemic have severely impacted people all over the world. To provide some support during this incredibly difficult time, we’re now offering a 90-day free trial of all the Mac and Windows versions of the whole Affinity suite. We’re also offering a 50% discount for users who would prefer to buy and keep the apps, including iPad versions.

Affinity Publisher
  Experience next-level professional publishing with this groundbreaking creative software.
     macOS    50% off - Only £23.99
     Windows  50% off - Only £23.99

Affinity Photo
  Create the perfect images with the fastest, smoothest and most precise photo editor around.
     macOS    50% off - Only £23.99
     Windows  50% off - Only £23.99
     iPad     50% off - Only £9.99

Affinity Designer
  Bring your visions to life with the ultimate graphic design and illustration app.
    macOS     50% off - Only £23.99
    Windows   50% off - Only £23.99
    iPad      50% off - Only £9.99

Affinity Workbooks
  The official guides to Affinity on macOS and Windows.
     Affinity Photo Workbook     Only £37.99
     Affinity Designer Workbook  Only £37.99

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Offer extended to 20th May 2020:
We’re extending our offers for another month

Four weeks ago, as a way to support the creative community amid COVID-19, we made a 90-day free trial ( available for the Mac and Windows versions of the whole Affinity suite while also cutting the price ( of all of our apps, including iPad versions, by 50%.

We originally planned to make the free trial and 50% discount available until 20 April, but because of the positive response we’ve received and since we’re still seeing so many people sign up to the trial, we’ve decided to extend the offer period for another month.

So, if you haven’t signed up for your 90-day free trial or purchased the apps for half price yet, you’ll have until 20 May to do so.

90-day trial

50% off all apps

Also, due to its own overwhelmingly positive response, we’ve decided to extend the submission deadline for our 100 Days. 100 Commissions. ( initiative by a week — so freelancers can continue to submit their work to us for consideration until 27 April.
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90-day free trial and half-price offer extended again, until 20th June.  This will probably be the last extension.

90-day trial

50% off all apps

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Thanks for posting about these deals. The Affinity suite of tools looks like very nice software. I wouldn't blame anyone for being tempted to buy.

My tl;dr warning is: Definitely make use of the 90-day trial before you buy, as you may be unhappy with the results.

I bought Affinity Designer in 2018 because, while I'm not an artist, I do occasionally need to make or manipulate an image here and there, and it seemed like really capable software and it was on sale.

So I bought it and played around with it for a bit, noticed some bugs and issues, including a serious performance issue. Then I posted on their forums to report the bugs or otherwise get support, and. . . nothing. No response to my post about terrible performance. But I was busy in my life with other things and wasn't ready to dive into seriously using Affinity Designer yet, so I kind of forgot about it. Then, about a year later, during another one of their sales, I bought the Affinity Designer Workbook. When it arrived, I opened it up and started reading through it so I could learn how to use the software. A within the first ~15 pages or so, still within the introductory chapter which explains the UI and basic tools, I noticed a few discrepancies between what the book showed me and what the software showed me. There was one button/tool I couldn't even find. But otherwise, as it explained each tool, I spent a couple minutes playing with it in the software to get a feel for how it worked and what it was for.

And that's when I ran into the big issue. One of the tools, the Vector Brush Tool, slowed my computer down to a near standstill when I used it. I actually recorded a video of it where I spent ~10 seconds drawing a single curve and it took ~4 minutes for it to actually render what I drew.

Now, to be fair, this video recording shows it as being worse than it actually was. Because Affinity Designer used up all my CPU, my video recording software ran even slower, so it actually looked smoother on my machine than it looks in the video. But the important part is that it still took the same amount of time even when I wasn't recording.

One of their big and prominent claims is how butter smooth the software is and how it is always so responsive. So once again I went to their forums to try to get some support because either they were lying about how responsive their software is, or there was something wrong on my end that needed troubleshooting. And once again, there was no response to my post. Finally I complained loudly on Twitter and that got their attention. I got a response on a Friday and I was busy that weekend so I didn't get back to them until Monday. They asked for more information from me and had a couple suggestions I could try. We sent a couple messages back and forth over a couple of days and then they went back to radio silence.

After about another two weeks I complained loudly on Twitter again which prompted them to respond to the thread once more, but with a very unhelpful "there's nothing we can do." A little bit later, a different person from Serif asked me to try it out on another machine and see if anything changed, and asked for a video if I could record one. So I obliged and recorded my testing on another machine and posted the results to the forum thread. Can you guess what happened next? If you guessed "nothing" or "radio silence" you are correct!

So the software may or may not work well for you, depending on who-knows-what. The Workbook was outdated and/or incorrect the moment it arrived, and had printing blemishes (ink smudges or whatever) in it as well. And it's nearly impossible to get anyone from the company to respond to you when you try to get support.

Buyer beware.

I've just never used those strokes, though I've used the vector brush and it's been fine for me.  I just tried switching the brush, and my results were similar to yours- so it seems to have to do with the custom brushes on the vector brush.  It seems that it's trying replicate fluid movement in the brush the whole extent of the stroke.  Not sure why they'd even do that- no paint brush I've seen alters the far end of the line as it's painting the end of the stroke.  The stranger thing is that it does the same thing no matter the brush type!  It really makes no sense in the case of a pencil to do that.

But I've had it since before Christmas- I use it basically to create book covers and composite artwork, and it's been fine for that.  I guess it really depends on your use case.


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