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Share your tips and comforts for dealing with the stress and fear of a pandemic

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A lot of free virtual tours available if you're trapped in an elevator or something, the list is courtesy of OzBargain:

Free Virtual Tours / Live Cams of Popular Museums / Zoos Around the World

Which was courtesy of HUKD.

Do some virtual traveling.


* Limit how often you check for news updates
* Step away from media if you start feeling overwhelmed
* Give time to your family and keep yourself busy in activities like playing computer games

My mom and others have recommended this full length play from the National Theatre Full, now available on youtube:

One Man, Two Guvnors with James Corden

I watched One Man, Two Guvnors.. A mixed bag.. The humor wasn't exactly my style, and it starts off not so great, but something unexpected/unusual happens after the first 26 minutes or so and it makes it compelling to keep watching..

^ Thanks for the review mouser.

I spent half a day attempting to assemble one computer from two old ones. It took me so long because I dont have a clue what I'm doing -- I've never built a PC. But now I do have more of a clue. (Unfortunately it didnt work, but that didnt bother me too much as I really did learn a lot doing it...).

Will try and build something at some stage (with new parts), but also would now feel much more confident about changing something within a machine.


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