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but later on will require some more the Compiling Dialog I will have to list which file is being know, like C++ Builder :D

Well, since nobody is posting on the forum, let me refresh it a bit :)

Screenshot: Multi-file compilaton:

Screenshot: Adding multiple files:

Screenshot: Relocated Object Viewer and Improved Class Viewer:

Screenshot: Better multi-search layout:

Instead of the "last source file" -- I will have to modify it so that the project's main file is the EXE file...

Slight changes in plans -- Your EXE will be produced from the file that contains your "main()"  function.

More updates:

Beta 14 will have so many changes, so any improvements...almost all little inconsistencies will be gone. The entire IDE is getting a major overhaul. I separated code sections, I modified a lot of code -- this one will just work!

The *ONLY* way it wouldn't work is if I *forget* to add some code somewhere otherwise I am confident my solutions and implementations work.

First, the multi-file compilations is really cool. Imagine compiling 5, 7, 10 source files at once by simply pressing "Compile" and all the errors captured in a nicely formatted output.

Still to do:

- Bring back bakefile support
- And if I have time, add DLL compilation ability...
- Set your own command to compile you project files or use SkyIDE's
- Finalise multi compile support:

What has been done:

Added: Finalised support for VB.NET
Added: Support for Visual C++ Express 2005 v8.0

Added: Multi-file compilation support for Digital Mars D
Added: Multi-file compilation support for Digital Mars C++
Added: Multi-file compilation support for Digital Mars GNU C++
Added: Multi-file compilation support for Digital Mars Openwatcom C++

Added: Link Object Files dialog - Linker from compiler profile used
Added: Now you can include folders to the "include" path of Free Pascal
Added: "Show Main File" on the project popup menu
Added: Open Project Folder on the project popup menu
Added: "Set as Main File" to project file explorer pop up menu
Added: /target:<> setting in Change Project Options for .NET languages
Added: Force Dialog Filter Index On/Off Switch for Open/Save Dialogs

Bugfix: Right Click Tab Bar->Set as Project Main file
Bugfix: Serious bugfixes with the class viewer
BugFix: With adding multiple directories with some projects
BugFix: With VB.NET and C# formatted compiler output
BugFix: With Borland C++ formatted compiler output
BugFix: With LCC formatted compiler output
Bugfix: With SkyIDE->Project: Some options didn't work for a C# Project
Bugfix: With GNU C++ Project "libs" setting. SkyIDE produces invalid command
Bugfix: When compiling projects, the default project include directory was not passed to the compiler
Bugfix: In Select Project Dialog in project properties, "Show Root Folder" no longer throws an error
Bugfix: With "Change Project Options" settings with D and C# projects
Bugfix: With compiling: Sometimes if compilation failed, the old exe ran anyway
Bugfix: With the newly added C# and VB.NET Object Viewers (just forgot to add some code)
Bugfix: Some very minor bugfixes with the function viewer
Bugfix: (May be fixed) Multi Search and replace sometimes returned no matches after heavy usage

Imporvement: Much better and easier to use Compiler Profiles dialog.
Improvement: Text readability in "Compiler Output" -- Item Hight Increased for easy ID
Improvement: Now the Open Dialog initial's dir is the one of the active file
Improvement: Relocated the Object Viewer to the bottom (it will be dockable soon)
Imporvement: Redesigned the multi-file search and replace section
Improvement: Improvement with the way SkyIDE works with Openwatcom C++
Improvement: Improvement with the way SkyIDE works with Borland C++
Improvement: Improvement with the way SkyIDE works with Digital Mars C++
Improvement: Improvement with the way SkyIDE works with Digital Mars D
Improvement: Improvement with the way SkyIDE works with Digital Mars GNU C++

Other: Removed limitations with adding dirs in "Compiler Profiles" dialog
Other: Re-wrote most of the Compiling() code in order to make things easier to manage
Other: Relocated "Undo Last Close" a few levels up in the menu

I have to finish the "to do" list above and that will be it for Beta 14. I hope I will have enough time to add DLL compilation dialog. I also want to separate some things in separate threads but I might do that later...

Here is something really cool / interesting. I had no choice with LCC-WIN32 as it won't let me pass multiple files to get compiled. Well it does let me but it ignores them so this is what I did in order for me to accomplish my mission with multi-file compilation with this C compiler.

The rest of the C++ compiler work normal, e.g:

bcc32 file1.cpp file2.cpp file3.cpp and it generates the proper EXE

I think this whole multiple file compilation thing is confusing me.
Are you trying to implement something like make -jn ?


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